Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is usage of fruit acids, so called alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) effect on skin. They cause opening of separate skin cells, facilitating scaling of corneous, withered cells, subsequently resulting in skin regeneration and so called “rejuvenation”. Through acid concentration /20%,35%,50%,70%/ selected, and duration of application we achieve various degrees of effect – superficial, moderate or deep peeling.

This treatment is suitable for:

  • oily skin with acne
  • oily skin with enhanced poruses, or tiny scars
  • skin damaged by sun
  • for skin with colour changes /pigment spot caused by sun action, after perfume application, in sue of oestrogen-containing drugs – oral contraceptives/
  • skin with small wrinkles

Chemical peeling is preceded by consultation with a physician during which pre-treatment and post-treatment rules are being explained and special preparation is being proposed.

Peeling can be repeated several times during winter season. Meanwhile skin must be protected with creams with protective filter.

Price for 1 session is 1000,- CZK at neck or back of the hands, 1500,- CZK at face, chest and back.

Prices from 1 500,- Kč.

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