Correction of wrinkles, pigment skin changes, scars

Correction of degenerative changes in the skin are among the most sought-after laser surgery. The fractional carbon dioxide laser beam through a laser „grid“ penetrates into the surface and middle layers of the skin. After evaporation of the surface layers of the skin occurs retraction of skin pores, brightening of age spots and pigmentations. Thanks to the reconstruction and the formation of new collagen in the deeper layers leads to skin firming, smoothing wrinkles and correction of acne or other scars. Collagen formation continues for several months after treatment. In comparison with the conventional „non-fractional“ resurfacing is not required general anesthesia and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia with anesthetic cream. For at least 3 months after the procedure the protection against UV radiation with sunscreens with a high SPF factor is necessary, therefore an appropriate time of year to treat is the autumn and winter. For correction of acne scars, deeper wrinkles, extensive pigmentations is usually necessary to repeat laser procedure once or twice with an interval of four to eight weeks.

Prices from 1 500,- Kč.

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