Botulinum toxin application to mimic wrinkles

Botulinum toxin and facial wrinkles (BOTOX, DYSPORT)

Accidental finding of botulinum toxin effect on wrinkles by Prof. J. Carruthers /Vancouver, Canada/ significantly enriched possibilities of aesthetic medicine.

What botulinum toxin is?

It is a substance produced by bacterium Clostridium botulinum, so called can poison which blocks transfer of impulses from nerve to muscle. This effect is used for correction of originated mimic wrinkles and prophylactically to prevent origination of new wrinkles or intensification of existing ones.

Which wrinkles are the most frequently treated?

The most frequently treated wrinkles include those over nasal root – so called glabella, at forehead, and wrinkles in crow´s feet area. Interesting indication is correction of excessive sweating when botulic toxin is applied to the area of armpits, palms, soles.

Is botulic toxin also used in other fields?

Yes, today usage of botulic toxin is very broad, particularly in neurology, eye medicine in treatment of strabism, further in gastro-enterology, urology, gynaecology.

What the treatment is like, is it painful?

Patient is sitting in the armchair, after skin disinfection injection sites are designated by pen, and then very small amount of solution is injected to separate muscles. The injection is only slightly painful. However, pain rapidly relieves. Treatment is fast, lasting several minutes, and the patient can immediately leave for the work. The effect occurs within 2 weeks.

Are there any risks?

In literature there has been reported transient eyelid or eyebrow drop and eyebrow asymmetry. Those adverse effects are minimal in proper application and adherence to post-procedure recommendations.

Is the effect permanent?

No, it is not, injection must be repeated, in the beginning in 4-6month intervals, the interval prolongs over time.

When to undergo the procedure?

  1. If you have underwent another aesthetic surgery /e.g. facelifting/ and you want to yet improve the result.
  2. If you hear too often: do not lour, do not bend your forehead … /irrespective of age/, and you experience formation of wrinkles.
  3. If you have an important meeting in approx. 2 weeks, and you wish to look extremely good.

The price for treating one area (wrinkles at glabella, forehead or crow’s feet) is 2000 – 4000,- CZK.

Prices from 2 000,- Kč.

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