Collagen induction therapy

The mechanism of action of this treatment is in small multiple skin injuries with fine sharp needles, which leads to activation and proliferation of fibrous cells, that produce new collagen and elastic fibers. This leads to hardening and thickening of the skin, the creation of new blood vessels improves blood flow to the skin, the skin is better hydrated and supplied with nutrients. The procedure is minimally invasive – skin surface is not damaged and skin barrier function is not impaired. This treatment markedly increases the absorption of topically applied cosmetics – creams, gels, serums etc. , their effectiveness is then significantly better.

This treatment is used for firming, smoothing and softening the skin, shrinking pores , improving skin tone, firming facial contours, lightening hyperpigmentations and correction of minor lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite, acne scars and other scars. Its effect is also used to treat hair loss.

This treatment is performed using electrical devices with a high frequency microneedle head with an adjustable depth of injection. An hour before the treatment the anesthetic cream is applied to the treated area, afterwards performance is painless, sometimes only feeling of pressure or burning appears. The whole treatment usually takes 30 minutes. After the treatment the skin is red, the redness may persist with minimal swelling for a few days, skin may also slightly scale. The next few days we recommend to use different types of regenerative serums or creams, after 48 hours you can use make-up and after 5-7 days your usually used cosmetic products. After the treatment protection against UV rays is necessary.

The treatment should be done at least 3 times according to the desired effect at intervals of 4-8 weeks. The production of new collagen can continue up to 1 year. For even a better effect you can also buy in our clinic rollers with short microneedles and serums for home use.

Prices for treatment:

Collagen Induction Therapy: face treatment – single session 4000, – CZK (reduced price for 3 treatments sessions 9000,-), decolletage single treatment session 3000,- CZK (3 treatments sessions 7000,- CZK), neck single treatment session 3000 – (3 treatments sessions 7000,- CZK ), back of the hand – single treatment session 2000,- CZK (3 treatments sessions 5000,- CZK), in the case of treatment of other areas the price is set individually. New sterile microneedle head is used for every session.

Prices from 3 000,- Kč.

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