Consulting service for skin care

There physicians provide consultations regarding care for aging and problematic skin – particularly with acne.

Patients with incidence of health problems are referred to Clinic of Dermatology – skin tumours, risk birthmarks, where regular check-ups are required or surgical treatment with subsequent histological examination. Patients with detected skin diseases – psoriasis, eczema… are referred to specialized dermatological attendances.

Systematic care for aging skin should follow several rules. After evaluation of skin type, genetic factors, life-style and skin phototype the patient is recommended how to care for skin in the morning and in the evening, with selection of appropriate products. According to skin condition physician recommends besides conservative care also more invasive procedures – chemical peeling, application of injectable wrinkle fillers (collagen, hyaluronic acid) or botulotoxin, or laser or surgical procedure. According to client’s habit this individual care is combined with classical cosmetic procedures.

In case of care for skin with acne, type of acne and current therapy are evaluated and therapeutic plan is created. Patients with milder types of acne remain in care of MLC and they use either therapeutic cosmetic products for skin with acne, or a combination of this cosmetic products with therapeutic local preparations, or they undergo a course of chemical peeling. In most of cases such care is combined with cosmetic skin attendance. In case of more severe forms of acne requiring e.g. systemic treatment, patients are referred to specialized dermatological workplaces. They return to M.L.C. after completed therapy for maintenance care, or for correction of consequences of treated acne – little scars, pigmentation changes etc.

An integral part of any skin includes selection and recommendation of suitable product with protective sun filter. Level of protective filter is determined according to phototype and life-style of the patient. According to type of skin appropriate product consistence which should also serve as patient’s daily cream.about us.

Price for the first consultation is 500,- CZK, follow-up examination 200,- CZK, recommended cosmetic products are available in our centre.

Prices from 500,- Kč.

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