Laser removal of unwanted hair

Laser removal of unwanted hair belongs among the most favourite laser procedures. To achieve permanent reduction of unwanted hair, several conditions must be fulfilled. Optimum conditions before laser removal include light non-tanned and dark-haired skin. However, modern technology of laser LightSheer allows epilation even in patients of darker phototypes. Thanks to its wave-length the laser ray attacks dye in hair and subsequently it destroys the hair bulb. Hair contains maximum amount of dye during its active, so called anagenous phase. At the moment when it is dying down there occurs loss of pigment and treatment is less effective. This is a reason why repeated epilations are required. Patients must reckon with three procedures at least repeating in 1-3 month intervals. Percent of hair in active phase and duration of this phase vary in different parts of body. With the exception of the lashes, any part of the body can be epilated. The most popular areas in women include bikini areas, armpits, shanks and upper lip. Because of ingrowing hair when shaving men seek for epilation of the skin on the neck and because of sweating they undergo laser removal of excessive back hair. Pain sensation is very individual, most of the patients compare the procedure to sensation of scission. It is possible to apply anaesthetic cream to sensitive areas approx. an hour before procedure. The procedure itself is very simple, lasting according to size of area treated from several minutes (upper lip) up to hours (lower limbs). In the majority of cases skin is slightly irritated after the procedure, calming down within a short time. Both before and after treatment it is recommended to protect the skin with high UV filter creams to prevent pigmentation changes.

Laser hair removal is not recommended during pregnancy, special caution or even special preparation is necessary in epileptics and some other serious diseases.

The price for treatment depends on the area and hair density, for example bikini lines from 3000,- CZK, armpits from 3000,- CZK, upper lip from 800,- CZK, chin from 2000,- CZK, areolas surroundings from 1000,- CZK, shanks from 8000,- CZK and lower limbs from 12.000,- CZK. The price is for one treatment and the final price is established during the consultation with a doctor.

Prices from 800,- Kč.

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