Removal of birthmarks, warts

Besides correction of wrinkles, various scars and changes in skin pigmentation evaporating lasers are also used for removal of some types of unwanted skin protuberances. This modern technique is used particularly if we want to achieve healing of treated skin without visible scars, i.e. particularly in face. However, use of lasers is also recommended in areas where origination of plain scars after classic surgical procedures can be expected (e.g. in areas of high tension, chest area, areas exposed to pressure of underwear etc.). This procedure is usually performed after local anaesthesia, according to the type of laser used it is either fully non-bloody or with minimal bleeding, wound is not sewed, in facial area even coverage with bandage is not required. The patient can take a shower even in day of the procedure, and is not at all limited for daily activities. Post-laser wound heals within several days similarly as small burns. Affections treated particularly include several types of birthmarks. Very often we treat the semi-globular protuberances of skin colour, widely incorrectly called as warts. Flat dark coloured types of birthmarks are not suitable for laser removal as they should always be histologically examined after surgical ablation.

However, at skin surface there occur variety of changes which can be removed by lasers. They include e.g. lipid deposits around eyes – xanthelasmas, pendulous skin protuberances – fibromas, viral skin warts that patients are infected by in public swimming pools mainly, or so called senile warts and hyperpigmentations that we can see in the elderly patients particularly in areas exposed to sunshine. Very frequent indication is removal of so called senile pigment spots on The back of the hand.

The choice of suitable therapy for specific skin problems depends on the individual. Patients should be informed about all possibilities: advantages and disadvantages of specific procedures. Laser treatment is predominantly reserved for management of aesthetic skin problems.

Prices for treatment are from 1500,- CZK for one protuberance, if more of them are treated at once, the price decreases.

Prices from 1 500,- Kč.

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