Correction of skin vessel defects – teleangiectatic (enlarged) vessels, port wine stains

Skin vessel defects the most frequently consist of cumulation of enhanced vessels. They include vessels in face, lower limbs – leg teleangiectases, various types of haemangiomas, spiderlike vessels, port wine stains etc.

Treatment with vascular Nd:YAG 1064nm laser is fast, simple, and with the exception of transient incrassation of treated site it is absolutely without consequences for the patient in majority of cases. In this type of laser we do not face even so called purpura which is transient incidence of “little bruises” (purpura) in treated areas described in treatment with so called dye lasers. After treatment patient immediately returns to the work, only in case of treatment of larger areas (vessels all over face, or large deposits of port wine stains) it is advisable to continue in cooling the treated skin at home.

The most appreciatory treatments include enhances facial vessels, particularly on cheeks where 1 to 2 attendance are often sufficient, treatment of nasal vessels Nd:YAG 1064nm laserends to be more resistant. Majority of mild vessels disappear immediately after attendance, if some persist, the second attendance follows which should be performed in 2 months.

Treatment of leg teleangiectases should be always initiated with phlebologic examination by ultrasound at a specialist potentially followed by surgical treatment of bigger varicose veins – if present, then by elementary therapy including sclerotherapy, and at the end we perform lasertherapy. It is reserved for treatment of the smalles superficially located leg veins diameter of which is so small that it cannot be sclerosed. Thus, laser therapy in no case replaces sclerotherapy, but completes it.

At skin surface we often find so called senile hemangiomas. They are saturated red spots gradually enhancing up to shape of red-purple wart-like formations. There can occur one up to tens of manifestations. Usually just several thousandths of second are sufficient for their removal by laser. As similarly can be removed so called spiderlike vessels.

Use of vascular lasers is very broad. They can be further used in scar correction resulting in correction of scar appearance, in treatment of rosacea for removal of enhanced vessels etc. Treatment of skin vessel defects belongs among the most sought-after laser procedures, and if proper technique is selected, compliance to treatment principles from the side of physicans, and post-operative care from the side of patient it brings simple and rapid solution of many chronic skin problems.

Prices for treatment are from 1500,- CZK, depending on treated area.

Prices from 1 500,- Kč.

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